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The purpose of this list is to provide links to every video made about Stargate SG-1's Sam and Jack relationship. In order to keep this list manageable I can't provide links to each individual video. Instead, the list will be links to vidder's pages.

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Vidder A.K.A. Links Notes
0xNatashax0   youtube, livejournal  
Alassiel   home, kawoosh, livejournal  
Alavita Alavita99 home, youtube, livejournal  
Alli Snow   home, kawoosh, livejournal  
Amanda C   video1, video2, video3, video4  
Anise   home  
AnnaGiuliaFiction DominaTemporis youtube,  
AnnaK Anna Karrennina home  
Arnise   home, kawoosh kawoosh links are wrong, use the home links
Arrietty   home, kawoosh  
Aruna7   home requires LJ account and membership in community
AstraPerAspera   youtube, 4shared  
Aurora Nexus   kawoosh Use the "video page" links on Kawoosh page. Homepage is dead
Aussie Mel   home, kawoosh  
Beakymoose   youtube, livejournal  
Beth stargatesg1971 home, kawoosh, livejournal  
Bonnieblue   home, kawoosh  
BrenRen   home, kawoosh, youtube  
Cagranosalis   youtube, MediaFire  
CellarDoor   home1, home2, kawoosh  
Chic Freak   video  
Christy   home, kawoosh  
Claire_svu_fan covertdisparity home, kawooshne.php?mountain=039">kawoosh, livejournal, youtube  
Clara misssimm, ClaraLM home, kawoosh, livejournal, youtube  
Claris   video1, video2  
Cole J   home, kawoosh  
Darth Annaud   home, kawoosh  
Deanie   home, kawoosh,  
Devilish Me laci12laci youtube  
Diane dkateri home1, home2, kawoosh, youtube  
Digitalfinger   home, kawoosh  
DoubleTreble1518   youtube 1 video, direct link
Edia   home, kawoosh, livejournal  
EDR Emily Radcliffe home, kawoosh  
Egle01   youtube  
Ehlana   home, kawoosh  
EKR   home, kawoosh  
Ellie-Semper   kawoosh  
Gene   home, kawoosh kawoosh links are wrong, use the home links
HaleyJS74   youtube  
HankaProductions   youtube  
HannieAnn   home, kawoosh  
High Priest MC   home, kawoosh  
Hito   home  
Hoodatwhatzit   youtube  
IrishLas413   home  
Jackiwi   home, kawoosh  
Jamieson   home, kawoosh  
jemo bookwormprincess home, kawoosh, livejournal  
Jenifer Ranieri   home, kawoosh  
Jez   home, kawoosh  
josiane janejosiane youtube  
karine chouchoune22 youtube,  
Kat   home  
Kate_girl   video, kawoosh, livejournal  
Kelly Dawn Tyler's Abyss kawoosh, youtube Only one S/J vid: "I'm Gonna Miss Her" (youtube linked directly)
Kelly K   home, kawoosh  
Kim   home, kawoosh  
kjcharmed home, kawoosh, livejournal, youtube, video  
Kuwdora   home, kawoosh  
L Reed   home, kawoosh  
LaraSGCLena   youtube  
LauraJo   home, videos, kawoosh, livejournal  
lilygate   home, youtube  
Linda06 littlegoldfish666 yahoo  
Lis G. Little Lee home, kawoosh  
Lola Pandora home, videos  
Lorel   home, kawoosh  
Lorrie   home, kawoosh  
Mada Madaline7 youtube  
Magnavox   home, kawoosh  
Manu Zonamanu youtube  
Marimba Marimba26 home, kawoosh, livejournal  
Mélanie   Clip Ship video, kawoosh, youtube  
mercscilla Mercy kawoosh, livejournal use the livejournal link
Michelle Lunsford   home, kawoosh  
missmonkie   home, kawoosh  
mkp   home, kawoosh  
Monsie   home, kawoosh, livejournal  
Nat   home, kawoosh  
Neverendingimagination lauren0822 youtube  
Nikkirose Nikki home, kawoosh, livejournal  
not_a_zatarc naz kawoosh, livejournal, youtube  
ozinou   dailymotion  
Peggy   home, kawoosh  
PengYn   home, youtube, 4shared  
perkin127   home, kawoosh, youtube  
pinina   home, kawoosh, youtube  
Pitchoune   home, kawoosh  
planet_tv Kristie yahoo, photobucket  
Pop AJS, J.Dax home1, home2, kawoosh  
Rabnud   home, kawoosh  
Rae   livejournal, youtube  
Redqueen   home, kawoosh  
RegularAmanda   yahoo  
RepliCarterje   youtube  
Rhian   home, kawoosh, Only one S/J video (Bed) and it is a Sam/Jack/Daniel triangle.
Robin Bishop Robinbishop1231 youtube  
Rocketchick   home, kawoosh  
Rowan Darkstar   home, kawoosh  
Sadie   home, kawoosh  
Sammie   home, kawoosh  
Sand   home, kawoosh  
Sarai sazzle87 youtube  
sb158 Kathy home, livejournal  
ScaryM   home  
SciFiDVM   home, kawoosh  
scout78   home, kawoosh, livejournal  
SeNedra   home, youtube  
Sesa Woruban   home, kawoosh  
sg11985   kawoosh, youtube links are dead on kawoosh page
sgtmike   home  
Slurredspeech   dailymotion
Smiley   home All have shippy bits
Starg8rocks   youtube, youtube backup
Starlover1990   home, kawoosh, livejournal, youtube links are dead on home and kawoosh pages
starscythe   youtube, livejournal  
steel210   home, kawoosh, youtube  
Suzvoy   home1, home2, kawoosh, livejournal  
Tchitchito   video  
Thaddia   home, kawoosh Only one S/J video and it is a Jack/Sam/Rodney triangle
The Libran Iniquity TLI home, kawoosh  
UhSir   home, kawoosh, livejournal, youtube  
Valika   home, kawoosh, Awakening subs, Awakening nosubs S/J video: Awakening
Woody   home, kawoosh  
Wormie incomplete_ends youtube, livejournal  
Yessikg   livejournal, youtube  
Xfchemist   youtube, youtube backup1, youtube backup2